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Welcome to Bear Creek Boers!

Home of DSM Richard**Ennobled** Genetics, Son of Ennobled Parm Starman and Ennobled  DSM Wobbles   AND  Jester AABG Steam Roller **Ennobled** Genetics,  Son of AABG Status Quo, Steam was the 2010 ABGA National Reserve Grand Champion Buck


Bear Creek Boers wishes everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Spring!!!  Please check our site often for new goats for sale.  
Site updated 17 May 2022

2021/2022 Kidding will begin December 2021.   We will be offering kids for sale around April 2022 sired by Bear Creek BC E894 Harambe;  Bear Creek BC K1153 Seabiscuit;  MCR Let R' Rip; and 203 CB Whiskey Tango
We had more kids born in March 2022 and expect more in April.  IF you are looking for a new Herdsire, we welcome you to schedule a Farm Visit to check out our Dec 2021 Bucks.  We strive to offer Bucks that will add fast weight gain to your herd so that you can get your kids to market at weaning.   All but a couple of these Bucks weighed 60 - 80 lbs on 25 March 2022.  The ones that did not gain as much were 2 bottle babies.

We have been a closed herd since 2008 with the exception of bringing in  new herdsires in 2009; 2010; 2011; 2015, 2017 and 2020.  We prefer the Traditional South African Boer Goat with the white body and Red Head


6 March 2022:  Added some group kid pictures to the Buck and Doe For Sale Pages.  Individual pictures coming soon as the weather gets better.

9 March 2022:  Doe,  Bear Creek BC L1200 is on HOLD for Jonnie in Missouri.

15 March 2022:  Doe, Bear Creek BC L1203 was SOLD today.  Picture has been placed on the Customer Appreciation Page.

18 March 2022:  BC L1199/Wether 145 was SOLD today.  Picture has been placed on the Customer Appreciation Page.   Heading to IL.

20 March 2022:  Wether 146 was SOLD today.  Picture has been placed on the Customer Appreciation Page.

27 March 2022:  BC L1184 and BC L1190/Wether's 147 and 148 were SOLD today.  Picture has been placed on the Customer Appreciation Page.

27 March 2022:  Buck Bear Creek BC L1206 was SOLD today.  Picture has been placed on the Customer Appreciation Page.  

29 March 2022:  Added a couple of Bucks to the Buck for Sale Page, 1183 and 1194 plus one more group picture of Bucks born in Dec 2021.

6April 2022:  Added a few Does and Bucks to the For Sale Pages, born in Dec 2021.

16 April 2022:  Doe Bear Creek BC L1200 was sold today, picture has been placed on the Customer Appreciation Page.

24 April 2022:  Added a couple of pictures to the Show Goats Page from the Show Me Spectacular Show in Sedalia, MO held on 23 April 2022.  

26 April 2022:   December 2021 Kids listed on the Bucks and Does Sale pages were weighed on 25 April 2022 and the weights have been updated on their records.

1 May 2022:  Bear Creek BC L1192 was SOLD today.  Staying in MO.  Picture has been placed on the Customer Appreciation Page.

1 May 2022:  Bear Creek BC L1186 and Commercial Doe Scrapie # 152 were SOLD today.   Staying in MO.

13 May 2022:  Bear Creek BC L1196 was SOLD today.  Staying in MO.  Picture has been placed on the Customer Appreciation Page.

15 May 2022: Doe, Bear Creek BC L1195 and Buck, Bear Creek BC L1204 are on HOLD until 20 May 2022 for Indiana.

If you are looking for Boer Goats, we usually have a age and a price for everyone's budget.  Bucks and Does:  Kids; Yearlings and Experienced, just e-mail us; call us or use the contact page to schedule a farm visit to come and check them out.

417-532-6056 in Lebanon, MO
OR Click on the Contact Page
Kidding starts in December 2021 so, check with us in April 2022 for kids we will be offering and watch our website for  birds eye view pictures hopefully by February 2022.


We NOW have Semen for Sale from Bar None 5's Jack Blue.  If you need to add some "butt" to your breeding program.  This is your guy!!!   Priced at $50.00 per straw, minimum 2 straws, you pay all shipping and handling charges. You can find his picture on our Herd Sires Page.
ALSO have semen on DSM Richard *Ennobled* for $100.00 a straw, you pay all shipping and handling charges.  You can find his picture on our Herd Sires Page.

22 Oct 2020 UPDATE:  We now have semen on Bear Creek BC E894 Harambe.  If you want to add fast weight gain and width to your herd, give him a try!!  $100.00 per straw.  Purchaser pays all shipping and handling chargers.



Welcome to Bear Creek Farm Boer Goats, we are pleased you stopped by. We are located in Lebanon, MO, and offer Fullblood Boer Goats for sale in Missouri. We are within a few hours drive from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois.



Major attractions are located nearby, including, The Beautiful Lake of the Ozarks just 25 miles North on Hwy 5, Bennett Springs State Park, a gorgeous trout stream 12 miles North on Hwy 64 and of course Branson and Table Rock Lake are just 100 miles away, down I-44 to Springfield and then South on Hwy 65. So if you get a chance to come and visit, plan an extra couple of days for a mini vacation.

We have been involved with Goats for a very long time. Our first goat on the farm was purchased for her milk, way back in 1974, due to our son being allergic to cow's milk. Then in the early 90's, we purchased Brush, Spanish, Pygmy and Milk Goats to clear our 120 acres. In 1997, we obtained a percentage Boer Buck, and he definitely improved our herd of goats. In 2000 we traveled to Texas Labor Day Production Sales to include Norman Kohl's, Powell/Holman and Sunny Acres to buy the best South African Boer Goat breeding stock we could afford and thus began building our Fullblood Boer Goat Herd. We have continued to attend production sales and purchase Boer Goats from EGGS at Showstopper, Farmer's Stock Exchange, Silver Boer Goat Exchange, Paul Payne, Don Smith, 7A++ and more.

Boer Goats


One of the most important additions to our herd was our 2003 - 2007 herd sire DSM Richard*Ennobled*, an Ennobled Starman and Wobbles son, whom we purchased from Don Smith. Richard has given us some awesome kids, one of his Boer goat Does placed 6th out of 94 and another placed 12th at the ABGA National Show in Louisville , KY in 2005. One of his bucks, Bear Creek BC T122 Mika, placed 6 th out of 117 in the 3 to 6 month old buck class at the 2006 ABGA Nationals held in Monroe , LA 12 - 17 June 2006.   Richard's bucks continued to do well in the show ring, in 2007 BC V205 Yogi had 40 Points and BC W213 Joshua now has 99 and 10 unassigned points towards ennoblement.  We have continued to add beautiful herd sires to our breeding program, check out our herd sire page.

We have a 100% Fullblood Boer Goat Herd, have put together the best genetics we could buy. Quality is our priority. We were participating in the BGIN Boer Goat Improvement Network program with ABGA American Boer Goat Association when it was active and are serious about developing a Boer Goat with exceptional rate of gain for the Commercial Meat Goat Producer. If you are looking for Boer Goats for Sale, including Fullblood Show or Breeding Stock, a Wether, FFA or 4H project, or have time to tour a Boer Goat Farm to see how we do things, please give us a call, e-mail or fill out our contact form. Our Missouri bred Boer Goats experience all 4 seasons and should adapt well to any part of the USA . We would love to visit and share our knowledge with you about the awesome Boer Goat.


Bear Creek Boers

Freman and Connie Elam
Lebanon, MO

Click here to email us


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